A Fantastic Way Go

Un Fantastico Via Vai "is the film by Leonardo Pieraccioni shot entirely in Arezzo between June and July 2013. In this section visitArezzo proposes the itinerary on a map of the film discovering, through photos and videos , all the locations where the Florentine actor and his cast have been busy shooting. With this page, visitArezzo wants to thank Leonardo Pieraccioni and the Production for having chosen our city as setting for the film, giving Arezzo tourist visibility at national level.

Legend of the map
  • 1: Piazza della Libertà
  • 2: Prato
  • 3: Teatro Piero Aretino
  • 4: Piazza Grande
  • 5: Piazza San Francesco
  • 6: Via Mazzini
  • 7: Via Borgunto
  • 8: Via Madonna del Prato
  • 9: Piazza S. Agostino
  • 10: Piazza San Jacopo
Trailer e Clip Musicale
Clip Musicale
Movie plot
Arnaldo, Anita and the twin sisters Martina and Federica, here is the Nardi family. A quiet and normal middle-class family. Man is in that phase of his life where the nostalgia for the student period becomes strong. It would be nice to be able to go back. It would be nice to savor those moments. It would also be nice to tell someone who is just over twenty years old that in life one must believe one's dreams and not be afraid. Maybe even coming to steal a caravel of Christopher Columbus, as he did, and explain the sails in the wind and then stop only when ... steal a caravel of Columbus? A misunderstanding with his wife and woman throws him out of the house! This is his great opportunity for a very personal "time machine". The man, in fact, decides to go temporarily to live in a house of students: there are four, they are all just over 20 years and man from one day to another lives with them that age, those hopes, those doubts that "unfortunately" he does not seem to have anymore. Two worlds in comparison, two ways to see the future, one goal: to find that stolen caravel ... if there really is.
Leonardo Pieraccioni receives the visitArezzo 2013 Award
The Premio visitArezzo 2013 was presented to Leonardo Pieraccioni in Piazza San Francesco. The motivation that led to the creation of the cadeau is to thank the Florentine actor for the tourist visibility he has given and which will give to the city of Arezzo, turning here his new film "Un fantastico via vai" .
The delivery, which took place at the entrance of the former Academy of Constants, where Pieraccioni is completing his work as an actor and director, was made by the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Professor Pasquale Giuseppe Macrì , who immediately embraced with enthusiasm for the initiative of visitArezzo.com.
The award, made by the expert hands of Maestro Alessandro Marrone , is a ceramic plate decorated with the portrait of Pieraccioni in the foreground, the camera next to it, in the background Piazza Grande and behind him the new Monumental Map to the Musicians the station square is just a few weeks away.
This last presence is not accidental, in fact, as Matteo Del Lama said of visitArezzo: "A short itinerary will be made of the film " A fantastic way to go "both on our portal visitArezzo.com, both in the Monumental Map to the Musics of the station, and the awarding of the Councilor Macrì is a bit 'the passage of the witness because now the structure presents the path of Icastica and then will contain the path of the film ".
Just to make the itinerary project official, the actor made a dedication with autograph on the scale reproduction of the Monumental Map "Evviva Arezzo! Thanks see you soon "and said he was happy and satisfied with the realization of this itinerary.
visitArezzo takes the opportunity to publicly thank the Production in the figures of Dr. Alessandro Calosci and Federico Boldrini Parravicini , Dott.ssa Patrizia Alfonsi, the Councilor Pasquale Giuseppe Macrì, Maestro Alessandro Marrone and Foto Tavanti.

Consegna Premio
Creazione Premio
Ringraziamento di Leonardo
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Acquista online i biglietti per i più importanti Spettacoli e Musei di Arezzo
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