Piero della Francesca itinerary

The itinerary for the discovery of Piero della Francesca's aretine works begins in Arezzo to continue in Monterchi, the mother's native village, and ends in Sansepolcro, where the artist was born.
In Arezzo you can admire the cycle of the "Legend of the True Cross", in the Cappella Maggiore of the Gothic Basilica of San Francesco. In the Cathedral, also Gothic, is visible the fresco depicting Mary Magdalene, at the bottom of the left aisle.
At Arezzo take the SS 73 and follow the signs for Monterchi. Here Piero della Francesca realized the fresco of the Madonna del Parto that at the beginning of the 90s, was detached from the chapel of the cemetery of Monterchi and was transferred to the municipal building, of the historic center, where it is still located.
The itinerary ends in Sansepolcro where you can visit the Civic Museum, where there are four works by the artist: the Polyptych of Misericordia (painted on wood), San Ludivico (fresco), San Giuliano (fresco) and the Resurrection ( fresco).
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