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Itinerario Anghiari

Anghiari is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Located between the Tiber and the Sovara torrent, it climbs on a hill. In the Lombard period (7th century), it was a fortified castle, while in 1104, the fortress was inherited by the Camaldolese monks who erected a Badia dedicated to San Bartolomeo. In the years from 1181 to 1204, the walls were built instead. The current Piazza Baldaccio served as a market; The famous straight for Sansepolcro is the tangent to this square, whose urban stretch (Corso Matteotti) is the linear axis of a fourteenth-century village with the portico of the sixteenth-century church of the Holy Cross in the background.

The city was conquered in 1440 by the Florentines with the famous Battle of Anghiari . From Piazza Baldaccio a staircase leads in front of the façade of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which has the clock tower at the front; near the Palazzo Pretorio (1300) is today the seat of the Municipality; further south the Torre del Cassero (1337). In the heart of the historic center is the State Museum of Palazzo Taglieschi which preserves Tuscan and Umbrian paintings and wood carvings. In front of the Palazzo della Battaglia Museum of Memories and Landscape, located in the sixteenth century Palazzo del Marzocco that, in addition to the reconstruction of the famous painting lost by Leonardo da Vinci depicting the Battle of Anghiari, offers objects and stories from every era.

Nearby, churches, castles and villas. To see the Parish Church of Santa Maria alla Sovara (IX century), the church of Santa Maria in Micciano, the castle of Montauto (12th - 14th century), the castle of Galbino and Villa la Barbolana (16th century).

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Acquista online i biglietti per i più importanti Spettacoli e Musei di Arezzo
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