Sagra del Prugnolo

Sagra del Prugnolo

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Sagra del Prugnolo


Pieve Santo Stefano


Pieve Santo Stefano


First weekend of May


City of Pieve Santo Stefano Piazza Plinio Pellegrini, 1 Pieve Santo Stefano tel. 0575 79771 - Pro Loco Association 0575 799570 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., web site:

Description of the Festival

The enogastronomic and folkloristic event was founded in 2001 to rediscover, in traditional recipes, this little-known mushroom and to ensure that both the culture of eating and drinking well and the customs related to pastoralism, transhumance and old crafts are not lost. , evocatively evoke. In each edition a part of the conference and side events are the setting for the undisputed protagonist of the event, the prized Prugnolo mushroom, which can be tasted, expertly cooked, in the stands of the historical center of the country, where there are also numerous food and wine crafts. The ultimate aim of the festival is to promote our territory and its typical products, as well as the culture of healthy eating. Obviously this entails considerable organizational efforts which, up to now, have always been largely repaid by the success of the event. The festival takes place along the streets of the historic center of Pieve.

TAGLIATELLE WITH PRUGNOLI: Ingredients: prugnoli mushrooms; garlic; extra virgin olive oil; parsley; tagliatelle (or spaghetti). Fry the garlic, extra virgin olive oil and parsley, chop the blackthorns and place them in a saucepan together with the sauté, just blanch, then season the tagliatelle or spaghetti that we have boiled in the meantime. With the same seasoning you can also prepare the crostini spreading it on slices of Tuscan bread.

Attention: the dates indicated may vary. We therefore invite readers to inquire by contacting the organizers of the various events to find out in which days the edition of the current year will be held

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