Ribollita Festival

Sagra della Ribollita

First name

Ribollita Festival


They Ciuffenna


San Clemente in Valle


3 to Sunday of July


Municipality of Loro Ciuffenna Piazza Matteotti, 7 Loro Ciuffenna tel. 055 917011

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tourist Office tel. 055 9172771

Description of the Festival

This peasant dish strongly represents the Tuscan gastronomic culture. It contains the flavors of a land full of tradition that made the most of transit food in the kitchen. Prepared often with the leftovers from the day before, the ribollita is a close relative of the minestrone, but is denser, due to the presence of bread and the long cooking that, as tradition dictates, is divided into two days. The festival of ribollita, puts on the table the characteristic Tuscan dish

which is very widespread and captures by surprise the tourists who taste it, is appreciated in a gastronomic festival full of stands of local products typical of the place.

RIBOLLITA: The ingredients of Tuscan stale bread (homemade, wood-fired), boiled cannellini beans, Tuscan curly black cabbage, chard, potatoes, carrots, celery, courgettes; leek, onion, a little tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, pepolino, black pepper, salt, vegetable broth. Pass half of the boiled cannellini to the vegetable mill, diluting the puree with their cooking water. Then prepare a sauté with onion and leek in plenty of oil (use a large pot with high sides) and, when the vegetables are browned, cover them with a little tomato sauce; leave it to season for a few minutes and then add cabbage,

potatoes, celery, carrots, courgettes, all coarsely cut and leave to stew gently, with a little broth. Cover and simmer for at least an hour. Pour the cooked beans, both whole and past ones: this facilitates the thickening of the soup. Before serving, add the pepolino, black pepper, salt and two or three tablespoons of tomato sauce. Bring to end cooking.

To complete the dish, arrange the slices of bread in a tureen alternating with ladles of soup, until all the bread is well absorbed. Let it rest for a whole day. To be able to taste it, remove from the pan the desired quantity and put it again to heat, or better to 'reboot', as we have seen above. Add a little oil and pepper and the dish is ready.

Attention: the dates indicated may vary. We therefore invite readers to inquire by contacting the organizers of the various events to find out in which days the edition of the current year will be held

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