Finestate Festival

Festa di Finestate

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Finestate Festival






Last weekend of August and first two weekends of September


Pro loco di Subbiano - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Description of the party:

The program of the party that cheers, starting from the weekend after the August holiday, the evenings are subbianesi rich and varied to be able to satisfy people of all ages united by the taste of being together to satisfy the spirit and the palate.

Entertainments take place mainly at the brand new wooden pavilion and adjacent spaces, with the opportunity to taste typical local dishes.

The products used are prepared according to the traditional local recipes and reflect the simple but strong tastes that characterize the whole Casentino valley, among which the pork sausages such as salami, finocchiona (finely chopped pork meat and aromatized with fennel seeds) and fresh and aged cheeses including pecorino (excellent cheese derived from the milk of sheep raised in our areas) .

Among the dishes to taste the Tuscan appetizer with panzanella, black croutons (slices of toasted bread, wet with vin 'santo and with chicken liver sauce), ham, salami. Among the first ones are macaroni pasta with nana sauce (duck), polenta made with cornmeal flour and porcini mushrooms and then meat cooked on a spit, roast game and pizza cooked in a wood oven. On the grill are pork and veal chianina, the meat from which the famous "fiorentina" derives, with a porcini mushroom chapel.

To accompany these excellent local wine, while for the most demanding palates, at the restaurant stand are available renowned wines, including "Brunello di Montalcino" and "Chianti dell'Impruneta".

Among the entertainments, under the wooden pavilion, all the party evenings are played in the smooth and in groups with show orchestras.

Space also for young people with an open-air disco and then performances of dance schools, comedy cabaret, fashion shows and beauty contests including the regional final of the "Miss Teen-Ager" competition, rock music contest of groups emerging, dog show, gastronomic meeting, etc.

During the entire duration of the "Festival of finals" at the premises of the multipurpose center is open free to anyone interested in the photo exhibition, by the photographic circle "The towers", representative evocative views, moments and portraits of characters in the thirty-one years of his life have populated and animated the "Grape Festival". In the 2005 edition, the exhibition of equipment for the cinema of yesterday and today and "la cantina de nĂ  vorta" by the "Museo della casa contadina" was inaugurated in the same premises.

The party also continues on the first weekend of September when the Cattle Show is held on Sunday. On the second weekend the Fiesta Festival continues and on Sundays it ends with the Market of Time that was the morning, and in the afternoon the Reenactment of the Grape Festival .

Attention: the dates indicated may vary. We therefore invite readers to inquire by contacting the organizers of the various events to find out in which days the edition of the current year will be held

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